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In my extreme busyness during peak wedding season, I’ve sadly neglected this little blog.  So… I thought why not do a little summer giveaway!?  Call it a bribe if you’d like, but it’s just my way of saying please don’t be mad at my lack of posts lately 😉 Sound good?  I recently added these mini […]

Before I share photos from what is quite possibly the most incredible birthday party I’ve ever seen….  I want to share a little backstory.  Many, many moons ago I had the pleasure of being a High School student in the lovely classroom of Mrs. Melinda Shingler. When she later had her first daughter, I was […]

Enjoy our exclusive spotlight interview with… Kimberly, the Etsy shop owner of Monster Kookies. Tell us about your shop name…► Well, the name itself is sort of a mix between cutesy meets creepy. Monsters are creepy, cookies are cute (and yummy). This was my initial style when I first started out – fusing cute things with […]

I honestly never would have guessed that when I painted my first set of custom beer steins in May 2012 that I would continue to paint them — almost every day since then! And, I barely have a moment to spare between now and October.Plus, requests for Spring/Summer 2014 have begun to roll in ~ […]

One year ago today, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my very first wedding for an incredible couple!  The charming details of their rustic wedding reflected their warm personalities perfectly.  I want to wish Heidi and Dan a very happy anniversary followed by many, many more.  I cannot thank them enough for entrusting me to […]

Time for another instapalette!Using one of my instagram photos, I pulled five prominent colors, and created this unique inspirational palette. I really enjoy abstract images (whether I’m painting them or capturing them with a camera).Here’s a shot of my beautiful rings and the way the sunlight bounces off them. Hopefully this color palette will spark some […]

I’ve seen so many custom calligraphy stamps online that I thought I would give it a DIY try with my own design.  It is a time-consuming process, but I figure I saved about $40.  And over two hours, that means I just got paid $20 an hour.  Besides, I enjoy working with my hands on […]

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Sweetened Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, and recently made my own version at home that,  in my opinion, is equally as delicious! And, much less expensive overall. YUM!  WHAT YOU NEED:  Lemonade: Any kind will do, but I opted for Minute Maid – Just 15 Calories Passion Tea: I […]

someone pretty special!  But, before I tell you who that someone is…. I want to say another  THANK YOU  to the incredible Etsy Shops who graciously donated items for this giveaway.  S H E R I   K A T E   D E S I G N S Click here to see the original contest […]

I love when a recipe somewhat creates itself.  I have made several types of pizzas throughout the years but this one seems to have so many favorite ingredients of mine that it has become our household favorite.  Anything with bocconcini, which means “little mouthfuls” in Italian, deserves to be used once a week. First off, […]