Etsy Spotlight Interview #9 :: Monsters Kookies

Enjoy our exclusive spotlight interview with

Kimberly, the Etsy shop owner of Monster Kookies.

Tell us about your shop name
 Well, the name itself is sort of a mix between cutesy meets creepy. Monsters are creepy, cookies are cute (and yummy). This was my initial style when I first started out – fusing cute things with creepy things. I earned the nickname ‘Kookie’ when I first started my apprenticeship training in the restaurant industry – that was about 8 years ago, now. It’s had a lot of time to grow on me.

Tell us about your logo…
 When Monster Kookies was still relatively unknown, I held a contest for logo ideas. A friend of mine took one of these logos and revamped it into something even more awesome. It’s based off my love of tentacles, as shown in some of my first creations – the tentacle cupcake. I’ve never been much for digital art, so I left that up to someone who knew what they were doing. I did create my own website, though – with Notepad and HTML! Old school.

Tell us about your shop…
 My shop is a mix of all sorts of things, really. Some of it is cutesy, some of it is weird… some of it looks delicious, and some of it looks mechanical. I like to create figurines and pendants, mostly, but you will find the odd pair of stud earrings, rings, hair pins, and cufflinks too!

Tell us about the items in your shop…
  Everything is hand-sculpted from polymer clay with the addition of metal findings and watch parts in some cases. They are baked and cooled… then a patina, final details, and protective glaze are added. After this they are packaged and shipped!

Where do you get your inspiration?
 From my messed up brain, I guess. I’m always off in space, somewhere. Just ask my fiance how often he has to repeat himself because I have my head in the clouds. All that daydreaming has to be good for something. I also blame my night dreams, as well – there is definitely some insanity still lodged deep in my brain when it comes to sleepy time. But I can draw inspiration from all around me, really – sometimes the strangest things result into inspiration.

Where can we find your work?
► website

You cannot live without…
 Polymer clay (obviously) and an internet connection. And an oven would be nice. 🙂

You‘re not a fan of…
 I’m really not a fan of hot weather. I get really odd looks when I say that I don’t like Summer very much. And copycats – I don’t like those, either – yes, I have one.

We wouldn’t guess that…
 I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Which is totally strange being as I MAKE a lot of jewellery. I just like to see it on other people!

One day you hope to…
 Have my own coffee table style book, hardcover, full of all sorts of photos of my artwork. That would be cool. I’d also like to see some other parts of Canada. I’ve never really been anywhere else, so it would be nice to see the entirety of my own country before I travel elsewhere.

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners?
 Be the purple cow. If you aren’t creating something that is unique, even in it’s own tiny little way, people aren’t going to notice you in a sea of other people trying to get noticed, too. Take something normal and make it better or make it different. 🙂 Don’t rely on Etsy to get the word out there, though – you need to get out there on the tops of mountains and spread the word.

Other Etsy shops you love…
► Here’s 13 of my favourites! I really love Etsy…

There are about a gazillion others, though… I definitely had to leave some favourites off the list. But it would just be too long!

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