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Branding is more than just a logo.

The emotions.
The voice.
The story.
The vision.
The goals.
The character.

Branding is a beautiful complement to your sales and marketing strategies. When done successfully, it contributes to building recognition, loyalty, and trust. Your brand doesn’t directly say, “buy me.” Instead it says, “This is who I am and why I’m doing what I’m doing. If you feel so inclined to, follow along and support my business.”    

Cohesive branding is well integrated and unified. You want to create an experience for your audience that is consistent across all avenues (website, blog, social media, print materials, etc.). Having a plan makes you more appealing, more trustworthy and more likely to succeed.

Let your branding be the introduction to your skills and as soon as people follow along, they’ll realize the value for themselves.

the experience

Your branding should be just as unique as you and your business. 

Whether you’re just starting out or need a complete branding makeover, you’re in the right place, and I’m eager to help!

As your designer, I will guide you along as we thoughtfully evaluate you goals, purpose, style preferences, target clients, and how you want to be perceived by those clients.

After we have a clear understanding of your story, we’ll dive into creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs to help you stand out in your industry.

I hold my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Longwood University and my Master’s in Art Education from Boston University. I have years of work experience as a Creative Marketing & Web Manager and Assistant Director of Communications & Marketing. I have been running my Limefish Studio business full time since in 2012, as well as several years spent serving as a brand partner for other companies. I offer a unique set of skills that all collectively help me develop incredible brands for amazing clients like you!


To ensure my clients the highest level of service, I limit my number of branding bookings each month.

Branding is a lot of back-and-forth brainstorming. For some, it takes a week. For others, there’s a lot more stewing and pondering and the process may take 2 months. This is YOUR journey. I’m not going to rush your decisions.

I’ve been in your shoes!! Therefore, I aim to be as affordable and fair with my pricing as possible while also factoring in the realistic knowledge of the time and commitment involved in this process.

Payment may be made in full or with installments.


Are we starting at the beginning?

Whether it’s online or in person, you ultimately only have a few short seconds to catch someone’s attention, and the right business name ensures you leave a lasting impression.

We want to create something truly unique that reflects the style, expertise, and quality of your business.

We also want your business to stand out online and be easy for your clients and customers to find you!

Everyone’s goals will be different, and research advice completely varies. Some say a business name needs to explain the key elements of your business and should only include real words. This is believed to help people relate and understand what your business is without you having to explain it. Others strongly believe the best names are abstract ones that may not be easily understood by the public, but may in fact be mysterious or help strike up a conversation instead.

I will guide you through this process with questionnaires, brainstorming and research. We we won’t settle until the perfect name has been chosen!

Investment: $200


Based on my experience, these are essential pieces of the process, and will give you all the pieces you need to hit the ground running.

These will not only help us brainstorm and reach out destination, they’ll help you show off your new brand and remember important info.

Whichever fonts are used in your branding designs will be provided. I will also guide you how to install them on your own computer and/or upload for use on programs like Canva.

I want to work with you until you are 100% in LOVE your new logo and state it’s “final” (with no hidden extra fees).
For some people it may take 2 rounds of back-and-forth changes, while others may need 10, and that’s fine!

I will use my artistic judgment to provide you with an assortment of files. For example, a horizontal logo plus a square/circle version, text only, symbol only, icons, initials, etc.

Think of these as digital wallpaper, custom designed to fit with your brand, that you can use freely for your branding! This bundle includes 1 pattern/background, but we can always add more as needed.

Want a standard, fun or festive banner image or cover for your page or group that includes your logo, but maybe a bit more pizazz? No problem! This bundle includes 1-2 covers designs.

Every business deserves to be unique, and therefore your final designs will never be re-sold or reused.

Investment: $325


Are you in a time crunch?
Need to hold off on a fully customized investment?
This option may be for you instead of the bundle above.

Occasionally, if you already have a clear concept in mind, I can reduce our vision building time and create mockups for you to choose from.
I’ll offer a few choices, such as: 3 mockups, 1 round of changes, etc.

Let’s chat!


Together we’ll brainstorm the style of business card that makes the most sense for your business, and I’ll help make suggestions for where to order from. Then, I’ll design your cards to beautifully match your branding! Price includes front & back design. I’ll recommend my favorite online printers or you can print elsewhere.

Think of these as digital wallpaper, custom designed to fit with your brand, that you can use freely for your branding! Price varies on complexity of designs.

⭑ LOGO WATERMARK  |  $25-$75
Some logo designs (watercolor painting style for example) require a more in-depth process to translate into a solid one-color logo for use as a watermark, stamp, or screen printing. Price varies on complexity of design.

Need a standard, fun or festive banner image or cover for your page or group? Price varies on complexity of request.

Whether it’s a “thank you” sticker, “handle with care” or additional color variations of your logo, we’ll create several options that will be most useful for you! I’ll recommend my favorite online printers or you can print at home. Price includes up to 10 designs.

If you would like custom miniature social media icons to add to your website, I can customize them to match your branding colors and style. Price includes up to 6 icons.

Instagram allows you to ‘pin’ three images to the top! Let’s can create a fun branded design that spans across all three!

Need a banner or signage for your booth or store? Want branded decorative art for your office space? Whether it’s a design to print or a custom painting, I’d be thrilled to help!

let’s chat!

I’m honored to be be considered and look forward to chatting with you!

Questions or want to chat about availability? Please submit an inquiry using the contact form or email me at limefishstudio(at)gmail(dot)com

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