Many thanks to Karin, the Etsy shop owner of Bonnetique, for participating in an exclusive little interview for us!  How did you come up with your business/shop name… ► At first I was actually only making bonnets and hence came up with the name Bonnetique. Now I obviously create lots of other items too, but will probably […]

During the early stages of designing a custom logo for a new client, I always end up “throwing away” lovely designs when the client decides to move forward in a different direction. Often, it makes me quite sad, and many times some of the overlooked designs were my favorite.So, I finally decided that rather than […]

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought it most appropriate to make the 7th collection of Go Font Yourself be a love-inspired one! I hope you enjoy these free font downloads! love … cupid on … sunshine in my soul … fool for love   kiss & tell … chocolate box … our first kiss … the lovers … cheese cake tall dark and handsome … pretty girl … love letters   Please […]

Many thanks to Julia, the Etsy shop owner of Julia Wine, for participating in an exclusive little interview for us!  Please tell us about your shop name… ► The name of my shop consists of my real name Julia and alias Wine. I know that it does not quite match the things I sell, but when I […]

ONCE UPON A TIME beautiful girl meets a dashingly handsome boy at college… girl and boy fall madly in love…  girl and boy have a gorgeous fairytale wedding… they become pet-parents to two precious pups…  they find out they’re having a baby…(yay!) they have the sweetest list of possible baby names… they decide on the […]