Etsy Spotlight Interview #14 :: Bonnetique

Many thanks to Karin, the Etsy shop owner of Bonnetique, for participating in an exclusive little interview for us! 
How did you come up with your business/shop name
 At first I was actually only making bonnets and hence came up with the name Bonnetique. Now I obviously create lots of other items too, but will probably always make bonnets and the name stays.

Can you share a little background about your logo…
 I designed my own logo. For all my personal logos I incorporate a butterfly. It is in honor of my daughter in Heaven; we released butterflies at her funeral and therefore butterflies always reminds me of her. She is really the reason I am doing what I am doing today, a series of events. The full story is on my Etsy page.
Please tell us about your shop and the items you sell…
 I create bonnets, halos and sets for mainly newborn photographers. I make grapevine halos usually embellished with paper flowers, berries and moss yarn. I do have a mini moss blanket that makes an excellent addition to the halo. I also make a ‘delicate’ grapevine selection where the halos are embellished with real dried flowers. Another halo is my silk halo with rhinestones, and finally I have my yarn halos which are very soft and sold with wraps. All my halos are adjustable in size. I also sell bonnets, both pixie and round, and occasionally make a pants and hat set.

Do you have a “top seller” or personal favorite item?
► My top sellers are my grapevine halos – and the matching blanket. I also have an aqua bonnet that never lasts very long in my shop.

Where can we find your work?

Where are you based?
► In Spokane, Washington.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
 As a newborn photographer as well, I was starting to get ideas for props and decided to make them into reality. I try to make items I myself would use and hope others like my style – although I certainly also do custom items.

What are your favorite books or blogs?
 I don’t have time for books or blogs – I am more of a Pinterest kind of person 🙂

You cannot live without…
 My glue gun – or should I say all three of them.. I use them constantly!

You’re not a fan of…
 My mess and not being able to find things I know I have – but with several containers of yarn, ribbon and flowers I guess that is bound to happen.
We wouldn’t guess that…
 My sales mean that I can afford buying Christmas gifts and other things for my children, like a playground, a trampoline, a sandbox  However as a very busy stay at home mom of four, homeschooler, photographer, and hospital volunteer – creating items for Bonnetique is not only a way to generate satisfying extra income, it is actually also one of my ways to refresh and renew. I truly enjoy what I do, and positive feedback and returning customers only makes it even more enjoyable. 

One day, you hope to…
 Be able to actually afford a vacation. It has probably been about 5 years since we’ve had a real vacation.

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners? 
 Research and understand how Etsy works, in particular with regards to tags, titles and search engines. I actually had items listed on Etsy for 1 ½ year without a single sale (all my sales were through Facebook) before a friend taught me the basics and then my sales quickly increased. 

Please join us in thanking this amazing Etsy shop for taking the time to participate in our spotlight interview
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