Etsy Spotlight Interview #19 with Oh, Albatross


Limefish-Studio-Etsy-Spotlight-Interview-OHALBATROSSLet me start with a giant THANK YOU to Regina for participating in our interview for her lovely shop! 

How did you come up with your business/shop name?
mariner legend says the albatross is long thought to carry the souls of sailors lost at sea. many of my vintage finds are just that… a lost soul adrift. so i adopted the name oh, albatross and think of my wares as sailors and lost souls.

Tell us a bit about your logo… 
my logo and label design tend to be a bit malleable and likely to change at a whim. it’s a fluid, flexible business and i let my branding be flexible as well.

Please tell us about your shop and the items you sell…
oh, albatross focuses on lovely and useful vintage items with a story to tell, and also features my handmade animaux (who tend to be story tellers as well).

Do you have a “Top Seller” or a personal favorite item?
the dear ones line has been incredibly well-received and a joy to work on. from bears and bunnies to ducks and cats, i find myself working on these little creatures in every spare moment.

Where can we find your work?

Where are you based?
the tiny little hamlet of south lyon, michigan

Where do you get your inspiration?
i love stories, fables and folklore. i love anything that has its own history. i draw inspiration for my animaux from all kinds of stories, and my favorite vintage finds are the ones that whisper histories at you.

What are you favorite books or blogs?
my favorite book will always be alice in wonderland… and all its endless modern references.

You cannot live without…
my morning latte!

You’re not a fan of…
crackers in soup

We wouldn’t guess that…
i can’t tell my right from my left

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners?
make your own path, don’t follow someone else’s

Other Etsy shops you love…

One day, you hope to…
convert the barn on our property to a proper studio space!

I hope you loved learning about Oh, Albatross as much as I did,
and I sincerely hope you’ll check out more of her beautiful work! 


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