Etsy Spotlight Interview #17 with SOFTLY BEAR PAW

Many thanks to Simona, the kind and creative Etsy shop owner of Softly Bear Paw, for participating in an exclusive little interview for us! 
How did you come up with your business/shop name
 For me the most difficult thing is to pick out a shop name. It’s important to be easy to remember and not too long. But I decided that shop name must accord my creating. So I needed something soft and something precise. Come up with a Softly Bear Paw.

Can you share a little background about your logo…
 My logo was changed not so long ago. My first logo was made by myself. And this time I decided to work with professional graphic designer and after a month working together we developed this one.

Please tell us about your shop and the items you sell…
 The whole shop dedicated to bears. I create collectible artist Teddy bears. They all are one of a kind and made only from best materials. I sell teddy bear patterns too.

Do you have a “top seller” or personal favorite item?
► As all my items are OOAK there can’t be best seller bears. But I have best seller pattern. It’s hedgehog Puffy 🙂
Where can we find your work?
Where are you based?
 I live and work in Lithuania, Vilnius City.

Where do you get your inspiration? 
 Inspiration is everywhere among. Books, pictures, photography, fairy tales, my kids and family and all the small wonders around the world, which sometimes are not notice. And for sure my big inspiration is my clients and their happiness when they get my Teddies.


What are your favorites books and/or blogs?
 My favorite book is “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I like to read fairy tales with my daughters by Hans Christian Andersen. And when I am alone I like to read psychological books…

You cannot live without…
 Hmmm… Hard to say…. But I think without creativity…
You’re not a fan of…
 Cold. But all our winters are very cold, so I wish to live in Italy some day.

We wouldn’t guess that…
 I am very strict mother 🙂
One day, you hope to…
 To write a book about Teddy bears making. To have a studio and make serial production Teddies.

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners? 
 Do everything from your heart and you will reach full happiness and success.

Other Etsy shops you love…
 Oh it would be very long list…
But I would like to share my and my friends other shop with natural linen –
This is wonderful wooden greeting cards shop… Really lovely-
Hand made wooden ring boxes –
Pillow covers –
Baltic amber shop –
Adorable hand made pencils –
Resin jewelry with real flowers and plants –
Wool felted slippers –
Ohhh I can’t stop…. 🙂

Please join us in thanking this amazing Etsy shop owner for taking the time to participate in our spotlight interview
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