Timeline for Facebook Pages

Facebook recently announced that “On March 30, 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design,” and from the wording, it sounds like it is not optional. At first, I previewed how the timeline design would work for my business page.. and was a bit pleased. 
Then, I read this post on Pretty Darn Cute Design reminding me about the very low photo image quality.  

And then, I found this article on WOOBOX blog entitled, “
Don’t Enable Timeline on Your Facebook Page! Here’s Why.” Put simply they explain the GOOD as: (1) Larger, wider tabs. More space to work with. (2) New Larger Tab Icons/Images (3) Existing Tabs Display …. and the BAD as: (1) Default Landing Tab: Where is it? (2) No Refresh on Likes.
Then…. I found this article which claims that the new timeline design for Pages NOW includes the option to CHANGE YOUR PAGE NAME. Are you serious!?!? Where was this option last month when I re-branded ? I don’t even know what to say other than, seriously! Here I am trying to “re-gain” back my 800 fans from my old page to the new one, re-posted my photos and now…… I find out if I had waited a few weeks I wouldn’t have had to do all this work.  AGH.

So, for any of you who wanted to change you name but couldn’t … it’s your lucky day.

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