I’m often asked to explain where on earth the name Limefish came from!?! 

The short version of the journey is… when the time came for me to commit to a brand for my business, I knew I wanted it to be light-hearted, playful, and have personal meaning. Fish have always had a special place in my heart. From the pets I had as a child to the countless memories out on the boat in the Keys with my family, to the awesome fish tattoo my Nana got at 60 years old (immediately after my sister, mom and I got our first tattoos and she said she “no longer needed to be a good role model”). And the fish-significance list goes on. Plus, in addition to a little lime inside joke I have, the lime green color has been a favorite of mine since childhood (thanks mom for making my baby blanket this color! which has now been passed along and all three of my children have loved it). 

I also knew the more random the name, usually the more memorable it is. Most importantly, I wanted my business name to also serve as a conversation piece. And this has worked wonders!!! I have actually found that when I tell someone “Limefish Studio” they almost always repeat it back in a puzzled/intrigued way, as if making sure they heard correctly. And, this makes it even more likely they will remember it. Many people actually laugh too (which makes my heart happy), and the majority of people engage in longer conversations by asking how I came up with the name. Rather than the 2-second window of just telling my name and praying they remember what I said, I’ve now created a conversation around my name.


Designing my own logo was an exciting process. I wanted it to be a bit young and playful (since so much of my artwork has catered to children and to also reflect my preschool art teacher background). Yet, I still wanted it to be simple and clean. The combination of font styles coordinates with my indecisive nature. It was also important to me that my logo could be broken down into pieces as well – so I can use the fish alone or the text alone – and both would still be visually interesting and easily represent my brand. I also wanted to be sure my logo could be rearranged whenever necessary to utilize the most space.


I can honestly say I still love my brand as much – if not more – than the day I launched it!

And, I’m thrilled to say I continue the joy helping others on their own branding journey! Learn all the details here.

Another fun image of what might have been!
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