Etsy Spotlight Interview #22 with Elaine B Jewelry



Many thanks to Elaine for taking the time for our Etsy Spotlight Interview!

Tell us a bit about your logo…
My first assistant, Nikita designed my logo, it is based off 2 of the Gem Cage shapes. The text is my handwriting.
Tell us about your shop…
I love minimal design with great accents and details.  I design for a woman who is ready to step up her jewelry collection.  I love to make light wearable pieces out of timeless materials, such as recycled sterling silver and 14k gold.
Where are you based?
Charlottesville, Virginia.  I converted a second story apartment into a studio space.
Tell us about the items in your shop…
Each piece is made by hand through bending, soldering, hammering and finishing by me and my assistant Lauren.
Do you have a “Top Seller” or a personal favorite item?
My hexagon nest ring has been doing extremely well, the double hexagon necklace is always a best seller. I love the 3D geometric shapes.
Tell us all the places in web-land that we can find your work? do you get your inspiration?
I love architecture, art of all kinds, dishes, animals, weather and people telling me what they like.What are you favorite books or blogs?
I used to love Ready Made (its gone now), also, Uppercase and Juxtapose.You cannot live without…
Pandora and NPR

You’re not a fan of…
Staying in one place for too long

We wouldn’t guess that…
I grew up in intentional community

Do you have advice for other Etsy shop owners?
If you do it now, later it will be done.

Other Etsy shops you love…
Made by Manos & RSVP Handmade

One day, you hope to…
Have a large loving family


I hope you loved learning about ELAINE B JEWELRY as much as I did!



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