Jackson Cole’s 9 Month Portrait Session :: Rustic Richmond Family Portraits

That grin… those cheeks…. and those magnetic eyes 🙂 I swear this little cutie pie was peering into my soul! I had the joy of taking Jackson’s Newborn Photos a while back and was thrilled to now capture his cuteness during a 9 Month Portrait Session on the family’s farmland in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. When I arrived, I was told that he’d been having a rough sad/cranky day with new teeth growing in…. but looking at these photos, you’d never even know it 😉 
Seriously! How cute is he?! Watch out mommy and daddy – you have a natural model on your hands. 
Some of my adult clients can’t even nail these “thoughtful, serious model face” poses 😉 
I adore the first few photos from the “sitting in the flowers” experience. His confusion is priceless! 
 And then…. he lit with joy!
All worn out, here’s the last shot from our session …. so peaceful 🙂 

And, last but not least, I thought it would be sweet to show a side-by-side photo from Jackson’s newborn session and this recent session 🙂 
I’m such a firm believer in capturing special moments and remembering how truly precious time is. I encourage not only my clients, but everyone I know to document the lives for those they love. While it’s often second-nature to take photos of your child, I encourage you to also consider the importance of existing in photos for your child as well. 

You can browse Jackson’s full 9 Month Session here, and view the entire Limefish Studio Photography portfolio here

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