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“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld

It has been with the great help of those close to me that I have been able to turn my passion (and hobby) of photography into what is now a substantial part of my Limefish Studio business. I’m often asked WHEN I became a Photographer, and it’s truly hard to answer. During High School and College I dabbled in photography, and then during my Graduate program, I jumped at the chance to take additional classes during my summer studio session in Boston. While working in Marketing & Communications at a private school, I eagerly took photos of nearly every major event. And, while pursuing my art business, I quickly learned the importance of taking high quality photos for sales purposes!
However, hose things aside, I actually attribute much of my current photography path to the slightly crazy journey I decided to embark on in 2011 — my 365 Project.  I started January 1st … carried my camera every day (even broke a purse that wasn’t strong enough for the weight) and tried to learn it the best I could. I was always searching for the ONE shot of the day… and this continued for the whole year. *And, this was before Instagram 😉 so everything was shot (using my Rebel T1i), uploaded, edited, and posted. *  Needless to say it was quite the challenge – filled with amazing days and frustrating ones. But looking back… that year was amazingly memorable. I strongly believe this project helped transform photography from a hobby to a goal — my desire to continue to learn more about this field and continue to grow.  And, while I’d love to do the 365 Project again some time…  I simply LOVE that I now help other people capture their own precious moments. I want to share this incredible gift of preserving timeless memories. 
My sweet Hubby and I are just days away from celebrating our 1 year anniversary. When planning our wedding, I knew that finding the right Photographer was a top priority. I knew we’d treasure that photos forever, but I never would have imagined just how much they’d come to mean. In the last 4 months, my Husband and I lost 3 of our Grandparents. Those photos from the wedding are some of the last we have as a family, and I cannot express how grateful I am for them. 
Whether you take them yourself or hire a photographer… 
I urge you remember to take time to capture moments, both big and small. 
 And then share those moments with people close to you.

As a THANK YOU to everyone who’s shown incredible support to Limefish Studio, 
I have decided to offer the following photography promotion… and I hope you’ll pass along the message to anyone whom you think may be interested! I’m currently based in Central Virginia, but always love an excuse to travel 😉 😉 

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The paths we choose in life may lead us to places we never expected.  
Embrace every opportunity for you never know what will blossom from it.
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– S T A Y    C O N N E C T E D – 

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