Senior Portraits at Sleepy Hole Golf Course in Virginia: AMELLIA

I had the true pleasure recently to do senior portrait photos for the beautiful miss Amellia and was thrilled with the idea of shooting on the lovely backdrop of Sleepy Hole Golf Course in Suffolk, VA. Amellia is an avid golfer and from what I hear, insanely amazing too! I know several colleges are trying hard to scoop her up, and I send my best wishes during the tough and exciting time of deciding where she’ll go. In addition to the more “formal” poses, I wanted to capture different ways of showcasing the sport she loves and the details of what makes her unique.
This was my first official “Senior Portrait Session” so please be gentle with critiques. I’d certainly love your comments and feedback tho! Also, many of the photos can be viewed on my Limefish Studio Facebook page. I’d love for you to hop over and like your favorites. 

{ click the photos to view larger }

The session ended with a few quick shots of her and her big sis.
Here’s to wishing Amellia an unforgettable senior year and joyful years to come!!!

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