Custom Hand-Painted Glasses: 70 down // 147 to go

When I painted the first set of these groomsmen mugs for a friend’s May wedding, I had no idea of the market I was tapping into. I was thrilled to be there as the guys opened their gifts on rehearsal night and hear their shocked reactions…. “woah, that’s my face” “it’s a cartoon me!” “ooooo she painted me more handsome!”

The paint I use is an enamel paint that is baked, which makes the glasses water (and yes, beer) resistant, and the guys were quick to put them to great use! 

I just tallied up my numbers and am so excited to say that since the end of May, I have finished over 70 glasses! And…. the even more shocking/exciting news is that I have 147 glasses (beer steins, wine glasses, and shot glasses) officially on the books! Woah 🙂 I guess it’s a good thing I finally took the leap and quit my day job to work on Limefish full time, right 🙂

Although the overall style is the same…. no two sets are alike! Aside from drawing each individual guy based off of their photos, I make sure to personalize their suit & tie style/color and their type of boutonniere to the Bride/Groom’s requests. It’s been great to see so many different variations…. like these navy suits and peacock feather boutonnieres. How fun!
When you look inside (or thru the back) of each glass, they say the guy’s title and the wedding date. I’ll fill you in on a secret …. I actually have to paint the words backwards.

I’m a fan of how Mr. curly hair Marc turned out — sporting his red rose and bowtie. 

 I just loved these sunflower boutonnieres and bright yellow ties! 
I’m so pleased that some couples have actually been sending me photos of the guys with their mugs. It’s also interesting to hear the different ways people have filled them. For example the first couple added airplane bottles inside, and this group below, got mugs filled with candy. yum!
… and I was thrilled when I finally received a request for bridesmaids’ glasses! At first I was stumped on the idea of adding a bouquet, but now I’m super happy with my decision to add the wedding flowers beside the name on the base.
Please hop over to my facebook page to check out a bunch more photos!
And, I also want to make sure and say that my hand-painted glasses are by no means only for wedding party gifts!  In my opinion, they’d be great gifts for ANY occasion!
Custom items are available through my online Etsy shop, but please note that my production calendar has been filling up quite quickly! Click here to read all the details about placing a custom order and feel free to send an inquiry by clicking the blue “Contact” button on Etsy’s website or send me an email inquiry
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