Etsy Spotlight Interview #2 :: Jetty Kolobaric Photography

With so many incredible artists all over the globe, Etsy serves as a wonderful online community of talented individuals sharing their gifts with the world. I have decided to feature one Etsy shop each month in hopes of not only spreading the beautiful work of others, but also as a way of encouraging you to explore Etsy. 

Included in the image above are limefish studio’s top six picks of artwork!
1. Summer Wind  //  2. Tulip  //  3. Blossom Melancholy  //  4. Summer  //  5. Reflection  //  6. Fair Photography

Here is our exclusive interview questionnaire with the Etsy shop owner, Jetty Kolobaric.

My shop name is…
    Jetty Kolobaric Photography

The logo was created…
    The poppy is the most lovely flower I can think of, the petals like paper, and colors so strong and beautiful.

The shop owner is…
    Me [Jetty Kolobaric]

This shop first opened…
    the end of 2007

In my shop you’ll find…
    Archival prints and sets of prints for home decor and kitchen decor created and printed in my own studio

My favorite item is…
    … I have no real favorite, but the season inspired images are closest to my heart.

My shop is unique because…

    I walk with seasons, that’s basically what I do and I document it, once it went through the layers of my mind, once, twice, forever… I use it all, digital, analogue, paint on negatives, layers of colors, through the viewfinder, whatever, whenever…I enjoy the road to the final image, if there is ever a final image, rather than the end result itself.

I draw inspiration from…

    nature and nature going through seasons.

My advice to other Etsy shop owners is…

    hold on to your inspiration.

My work can also be found at…  |

I can’t live without…

    my family, they are most precious, and an always present support.

You wouldn’t guess that…

    I call many countries my home, I have left a piece of my heart at many places in this world.
    I find being restricted by borders not my thing at all. From a few dear places I carry small stones
    around as some kind of talisman.

I’m not a fan of…

    time passing, it usually runs in front of me, and somehow I can’t catch up:)

One day I hope to….

    to have my own shop, where I can sell vegetables from my own big garden.

Another Etsy shop I love is…
    There are so many I love but the shop from Sylvia Calus is my all time favorite:

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