Our California Engagement Photos!

YAY! I am so thrilled we found such an incredible wedding photographer, Ashley Bee, in Temecula, California, where we’re getting married in August! This adorable (and super talented) wife and husband team offer engagement photos as well, and I am SO glad we took advantage of it! For all you future brides, I HIGHLY recommend this idea. Aside from having a nice collection of photos, you also get the huge bonus of a pre-wedding opportunity to get to know your photographers. I was slightly nervous (since I’m usually on the other end of the camera), but that quickly faded. They were so much fun to work with, and we’re beyond thrilled with how all of the photos came out! Honestly, it just felt like we were all “hanging out” for the day with occasional poses and helpful instructions of “turn this way,” “smile,” … okay, “smile less.” I was only going to post a few here, but it’s impossible to pick my favorite! So, instead, I’ll explain our fun little experience!

  Danielle & Andrew
@ La Jolla & Torrey Pines
December 22, 2011
We started the day off at La Jolla…. it was a beautiful day, so the area was fairly crowded.
I love how these turned out – so sweet & flirty.
I’m obsessed with bokeh, so these make me happy!


Definitely one of my favorites! It’s so simple & classic… yet I love the emotion!!!!
<3 smitten!
LOVE the lighting & colors of this one. And, a pretty cute pose, I must say!
We found this adorable little house (for sale too)!

LOVE this! It was a cute little alleyway…. and I love that you can tell how windy it was!
I can tell he’s holding in a laugh 🙂 cute!
I am obsessed with this photo! WOW, he is SO handsome!!!!! 🙂
We’re going to print & frame this one for our home (along with the black & white of my eyes, above).
agh! I LOVE this one too! We were seriously cracking up!
And, Andrew was told (for the gazillionth time by the gazillionth person that he has a “model smile”) 😉 Indeed!
Next, we popped into this adorable little cupcake shop in La Jolla…. super yummy too!
I love that he’s “whispering something sweet”
Haha… they had a whole little jar of these on the counter top!

Then, we drove a few minutes to Torey Pines…
Funny story here…. we knew we wanted shots in his uniform, but he couldn’t be scruffy (I of course, love the scruff, so he kept it for the first half of the photos). Then, at Torrey Pines, of course the only bathroom we could find was pretty dingy & you couldn’t even see in the mirror, so he basically shaved in the dark. Totally worth it though! I LOVE all of the uniform shots so much! This one is adorable…. he snuck up on me!
WOW!!!!  Simple but stunning! Love how they paired these two together too!
So cool! While Ashley was with us on the bluff… adventurous Jay snuck off far away to capture this photo.
What a great team. Do you see us?
I almost died when I saw this! I had no idea they took it and it’s absolutely priceless.
Simple, yet tells such a great story. Oh, and there were lots of hikers in the area.
At one point we heard some shouting to another, “no, don’t go that way, I think they’re taking wedding photos over there.”
These are so sweet!!!

Wow!!! Another set of favorites for me!

I love love love this one! especially how we’re secluded in nature! perfect!
Now we drove down to the bottom of the trail to get some sunset beach shots.
And there’s another funny story with these…. I completely trusted the photographers would have amazing ideas….
the only picture that I told them I definitely wanted was one like this (cropped of our feet, me on tiptoes, near the water).
We had to rush to get there before the sun completely set, the wind was picking up, and the water was FREEZING!!! Haha…  Some of the outtakes are hillarious too because my feet completely sunk into the sand 🙂
And, despite the fact that the cold water ended up giving me a cold (we ended up both being sick Christmas) doesn’t even matter at all. It was beyond worth it for these sunset photos.
Seriously one of my favorites.  The colors are incredible. The reflection is perfect, and I love the simplicity. It truly tells a story.
Okay, again, a favorite! Andrew wanted a beach wedding, and unfortunately I did not….. I’m SO glad we decided on beach engagement photos as the compromise!!!
This is another I can picture printed huge for our home! Ashley said it, “tucks at the heartstrings.” 🙂
the colors are amazing!
He’s keeping me warm 🙂
  In 226 days I will be marrying this handsome man…. who has truly become my best friend, and is the sweetest man I could ever even hope to meet.  I never knew I could love like this. I am one lucky lady.

We can’t thank our photographers enough! We will cherish these photos for a lifetime, and are so excited about the wedding.
It is a wonderful feeling to completely trust this important job to such a talented team!
Please go see all the other amazing work by Ashley Bee!
  • Ashley Bee - I love how you shared more details on the day from your perspective! 226 days couldn’t come sooner!! We can’t wait for your big day and to see you and Andrew again 🙂January 11, 2012 – 8:31 pmReplyCancel

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