Update: Our Wedding!

Similar to the lack of updates on my 365 project, I realized my crazy-busy life has kept me from posting almost anything since being engaged! It’s crazy to realize it’s been over 7 months already! I feel like doing a little trip down memory lane with everything wedding-related so far…. Almost all pics & comments are pulled directly from my 365 photo project ~ nice & convenient!
ENGAGED! on 365 Project
ENGAGED .  04.24.11 .  Day 114
YAY!!!! Andrew proposed!!!!! Such an incredible day! I am truly lucky to have this wonderful man to now call my fiancé!! 
It is such an amazing feeling! And, OH MY GOODNESS I love this ring!! So beautiful!

Love on 365 Project
LOVE .  05.17.11  .  Day 135
enough said! 3 weeks later & I am still blown away by this beautiful ring! 
Today, we enjoyed a lovely lazy rainy day with a nice (competitive) game of scrabble.
Engagement Party on 365 Project
ENGAGEMENT PARTY .  07.09.11 .  Day 190
Andrew’s family was so sweet to throw us a lovely Engagement Party at his mom’s house in MD (with a cute pool party luau theme)! We are so grateful to everyone who helped make the day a truly special one for us. I cannot wait to marry this incredible man!
Thank You on 365 Project
THANK YOU .  07.14.11  .  Day 195
my first “paper” design for the wedding ~ thank you cards & address labels! I gave these to the wonderful friends & family who joined us at our Engagement Party! And a special thanks to Alyson & Sabri for their super thoughtful/creative gift of Dance Lessons!!! I can’t wait!!!
One piece that I’m going to leave out of this particular timeline for now, is the HORRIBLE experience we had with our original venue here in Virginia – Castle Hill Cider.  The short version is, at the very last second before signing, they completely screwed us over. I’d rather keep this post pleasant, and besides that messy ordeal deserves a full, lengthy story-telling post of its own (as soon as I have time!) because, believe me, I want to share that experience. It came at incredibly bad timing – On top of working full time, I was days away from starting coaching volleyball and starting my final thesis class for my masters program!  I didn’t have time to start over from scratch…. but we had to. I don’t think I slept all week while we searched high and low (and far) for a new venue.  But…… all things happen for a reason and I am SOOOO glad things worked out the way they have. Are families are so scattered, and we love to travel, so we figured why not venture out!? We narrowed it to a top choice in the Bahamas and a top choice in California, near my family. My mom and sister were super helpful and visited a handful of places to take pictures and videos. Ultimately, we fell in love with Keyways Vineyard in Temecula, CA. and began pressing forward……
One of the first wedding purchases I made was this beautiful scrapbook paper (that I later scanned for the background of our little wedding website)!  It came in a huge pack or different designs, but all had the same color palette. I knew I didn’t necessarily want a wedding theme, per-say… I wanted to create more of a feeling.
 The font I’m using is Feel Script (which is normally like $1000… woah!) but I searched and was able to find people sharing it for free ~ how incredibly kind!
Smooches on 365 Project
SMOOCHES .  09.20.11  .  Day 263
After a long day (6 hours of work followed by 6 hours with 25 seventh & eighth grade girls …. *we won our volleyball games, yay*) it’s refreshing to come home & see a beautiful new illustration on the fridge whiteboard… haha, my fiance is pretty cute!
Ring Around the Rainbow on 365 Project
RING AROUND THE RAINBOW .  09.23.11  .  Day 266
A rainy Friday….. I crouched down, umbrella in one hand, camera in the other and had just enough time to snap this one photo before a new car drove and parked right on top of the little rainbow circle! 
Also, super ironic rainbow-connection to mine and Andrew’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” song (that I didn’t realize until much later after posting this picture)….. considering, today, we officially booked our wedding venue!!!! The beautiful Keyways Vineyard in Temecula, California.
Together on 365 Project
TOGETHER .  09.24.11 (11 months until our wedding!)  .  Day 267
Working on some wedding stuff…. together 🙂 just the way I like it!
Officially 11 months until our wedding! 
Our Save-the-Date Suite on 365 Project
OUR SAVE-THE-DATE SUITE .  10.10.11  .  Day 283
We finally finished making most of our Save-the-Dates, and I must admit, I love how everything looks together! The decorative paper on the clothespin magnets and the bridal party cards is the same paper I scanned and used for the background of our little wedding website.  I can’t wait for the rest of the fun crafty projects ahead 🙂
Here’s a shot of Andrew’s “smooches” drawing turned into our return address stickers (blurred in this pic, of course) 🙂 I love how they turned out and especially love the extra meaning behind everything!    
In the Mail on 365 Project
IN THE MAIL .  10.14.11  .  Day 287
Wahoo….. save the dates for our Meyer-Ruppert wedding have been sent 🙂

Also, I recently told a story about how my favorite “lucky” number has ALWAYS been 24. I never really knew why, but ever since I could remember it was “my” number. When I played volleyball in High School, the number was already taken, so I settled for half, 12, which I dubbed my “runner-up” lucky number. Like I said, there was never a known reason…… Guess when Andrew proposed? The 24th!!! Guess when we’re getting married? August 24, 2012. 🙂 Silly, I know, but it makes me smile.

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