Custom Facebook Tabs + How to Install Facebook Tabs

If you have a business Facebook page, it’s safe to assume you want it to be professional, beautiful, and coordinate with your overall branding. I’m excited to announce that custom tabs are now available in my shop here. Whether you want to add them to a full logo design package or you already have your branding complete and just want something to match, I’d be thrilled to help! 
And, I realized once you have these beautiful tabs… you may need a little guidance for installing them! 

I originally installed mine forever ago, so I’m tried to backtrack steps for you! 
Please let me know if this tutorial does or does not work for you. 

► Click the INSTALL PAGE TAB button. 
► Use the drop-down menu to select the page where you want to install the tab(s) and click the ADD PAGE TAB button.


► Another window may appear asking you to verify your profile information, say OK.

► Your TAB SETTINGS window should appear (like below).
If you want this tab image to link directly to a different site, choose REDIRECT and add the website.

Still in the TAB SETTINGS window…  at the bottom you’ll need to type your TAB NAME (this is how it will appear directly under the tab on your main Facebook page) and click CHOOSE YOUR FILE to upload your new tab image. Then, click the SAVE SETTINGS button.

► You may need to GRANT PERMISSIONS. 

► If your tab icon did not appear, if you want to swap positions with another tab, or if you ever want to update the image tab in the future, simply visit your page and click the pencil tool (you may need to click the down arrow expand button (shown here with the 6 beside it).



► From here you can change the tab image or name. Click SAVE and/or OKAY.

► TA-DA! I hope this was helpful!

– H U G S – 

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